DARTSLIVE3 has been receiving a favorable reception after being launched in 4 countries and regions around the world.


DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd., a group company of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS INC., (HQ: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Representative Director & President: Kikuo Masumoto), handles the management, sales and development of entertainment services related machines, would like to announce that our newest darts machine “DARTSLIVE3” has been introduced and started service in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore in November 2020.


The first overseas expansion of the DARTSLIVE3.

DARTLIVE3 is an electronic darts machine that was first introduced in Japan in 2018. As the successor to the “DARTSLIVE2” machine, which have over 10,000 machines set up at locations around the world. DARTSLIVE3 has received lots of interest soon after the launch for being a high spec machine with new age technology designed to meet the needs of present-day players.


With the introduction of the DARTSLIVE3 in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore, it is now possible for players to play online against foreign darts players.

DARTSLIVE3 started service in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. To celebrate the launch, an online match event was held last December in these 4 regions and Japan. Every day of the event, a different top world-renowned professional darts player would take part in the online “LIVE MATCH”. During this event, as most players favored playing LIVE MATCH, many darts fans got to enjoy playing against opponents in foreign countries.


Expectations for practical use for international tournaments during the COVID-19 crisis.

As we have been able to introduce DARTSLIVE3 internationally in 2020, when tournaments were unfortunately cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19, we may have made it easier to hold international tournaments and world championships in an online environment. In the future we are looking to introduce our machines into a vast area of regions and countries, this will allow a safe and worry free continuation of darts as a sports while protecting the health and safety of foreign players and all the related parties across the globe.


What is the DARTSLIVE3?

The newest electronic darts machine featuring the latest technology by DARTSLIVE. It can determine in detail, where and in what area of the board the dart hit using “full-bit sensors,” measure the speed of the darts using “speed indicators” and has many other features which have not been equipped before. These features and the dual cameras allow the players when playing an online game, to feel as if they are actually playing an opponent in real life.



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